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Pay Per Pulse Ltd represent of Crystal Knows in the United Kingdom. The Crystal Knows Chrome extension for LinkedIn is a powerful tool that overlays a predictive personality report onto a sales prospect's Linkedin profile and provides helpful advice as to the most effective way to communicate with each personality type. 

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The premium version of Crystal Knows does much, much more. At Pay Per Pulse Ltd we can help you incorporate personality segmentation into your own preferred  marketing and sales tools through our Crystal API Expert status. 

We can also enable personality analysis from free text sources such as emails and blog articles. Crystal can even advise on the group dynamics of upcoming multiple stakeholder client meetings, offering clear, helpful insights as to who is likely to take what stance in a meeting and how best to gain each individual's support for your proposal. 

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How Pay Per Pulse Ltd uses Crystal Knows

We call it ART, establishing awareness, relevance and trust with your target audience.

Identifying your target audience is a meticulous and time consuming process, so when you start to communicate with them to generate awareness of your offerings in order for them to appreciate the relevance of your product or service, you cannot afford to waste single message, email or phone call by treating everyone in the same way.


"One size fits all" simply doesn't work with high value B2B lead generation where the aim is to establish a highly personal, trust relationship with senior decision makers.

Building trust starts from your first contact, it takes many conversations to build but can be lost in an instant. Research and profiling is essential if you are to strike the right note from your first introduction to a new sales prospect.

LinkedIn is the perfect resource to understand what your target prospects do, what they are interested in and what authority they have to purchase or sponsor the adoption of your product or service.


Hidden in the language style of their LinkedIn profile, however, are clues to their personality, insights that should guide the nature and tone of your approach to them as an individual - should your early stage communications be formal or friendly, detailed or descriptive ? 

Sniper Precision

At Pay Per Pulse Ltd, we have a secret weapon that helps us to include personality profiling in the marketing services we deliver for our clients which ensures that not only do we generate leads with precisely the right people, but we do so in exactly the way that resonates with each of them as individuals.

We encourage our clients to use Crystal Knows for their in-house marketing campaigns and their preparation for sales engagements.

Pay Per Pulse Ltd is the UK business partner of Crystal Knows and can provide additional enterprise integration options over and above the standard service- Contact us to discuss the options or click on the following presentation for your free trial.

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