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Crystal is the app that tells you anyone’s personality. As a pioneer in Personality AI, Crystal analyses

millions of online data points to accurately identify a person’s personality type, motivations,

communication style, and other behavioural traits. Thousands of professionals globally use Crystal to

communicate more effectively, write more persuasively, and build trust faster with new people.

Crystal offers a set of online tools, including a web app, chrome extension, mobile app, slack app

and APIs, which enable professionals to communicate more effectively and make better decisions

in their everyday conversations. Crystal is used across a wide variety of roles:

• SALES: Crystal helps you communicate easily with prospective customers.

• MANAGEMENT: Crystal helps you build better teams by recognising each person’s

strengths, managing and working with their blind-spots, and learning to productively resolve conflict.

• RECRUITING: Crystal helps you communicate effectively with candidates, identify the

right people for each role, and assist with new hire on-boarding.


Crystal was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Nashville, TN. Pay Per Pulse Ltd are their partners for the United Kingdom and Ireland. Crystal Knows has raised $7M from leading investors including Salesforce Ventures and HubSpot. We have thousands of customers including Oracle, Accenture and Airbnb.


Crystal is the leader of a new category of technology called Personality AI. This technology harnesses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you understand anyone’s personality, even if you haven’t met the person yet. Crystal can create a personality profile for anyone, whether a co-worker, friend,prospect, customer, or job candidate. Personality profiles are created in two ways:

ASSESSMENTS (for people you know, like a co-worker)

Crystal uses a short, forced-choice-style assessment to identify someone’s personality. The assessment requires that people select the words that are “most like me” and “least like me” from 14 sets of 4 words.

After completing it, Crystal generates a personality profile, which offers insights into an individual’s strengths, blind spots, preferences and communication styles, based on their results. Crystal’s personality assessment consistently reports above 95% accuracy. 

PREDICTIONS (for people you don’t know, like a sales prospect)

When you are unable to have someone complete a questionnaire - such as when you are reaching out to a prospect or candidate for the first time - Crystal can generate a personality profile using AI (artificial intelligence). Using AI, The Crystal Knows Engine can predict someone’s personality type based on other data, like their LinkedIn profile, resumé, or writing style from other biographical text samples. Predictions are most helpful for situations where you do not yet know the other person well, such as marketing, sales, recruiting, and customer service.

Crystal is able to predict personality by using AI and machine learning to analyse a text sample from sources like:

• Social media profiles

• Online bios. blogs and articles

• Resumes

Personality AI uses natural language processing to assess the personality type of the person who wrote a text sample. Just as an assessment requires someone to make intentional choices to identify their personality type, different personality types use different patterns, words, and phrases when they write. With an ever-improving personality analysis algorithm, Crystal is able to predict personality profiles with approximately 80% accuracy.

Whether you identify someone’s personality using an assessment or a prediction, Crystal will

generate a comprehensive profile.

Within the profile, you’ll be able to see the following details:

 • What comes naturally to Neil...

• Negotiating with Neil...

• What energises Neil...

• What drains Neil...

• Resolving conflict with Neil...

• Speaking with Neil...

• Navigating change with Neil...

• Meeting with Neil...


• Potential strengths for Neil...

• Emailing Neil...

• Potential blind spots for Neil...

• Convincing Neil...

• Collaborating with Neil...


When Crystal generates a personality profile,

it uses a framework called DISC to classify

personalities into a few categories that we refer to as

D (dominance),

 I (influence),

S (steadiness),and

C (conscientiousness).

Each of us has a primary DISC type in one of

these categories and sometimes a secondary DISC type

in another. To keep things simple,

we separate these into easy-to-remember labels called Archetypes.

You can see them all on this graphic called the Personality Map:

Below is a breakdown of common personality traits within each of the categories in DISC.

D Personality Types: Captains, Drivers, Initiators, Architects

• Motivated by control over the future and personal authority

• Tend to prefer instant, concrete results and having an advantage over competition

• Communicate clearly and succinctly

I Personality Types: Influencer, Motivator, Encourager, Harmoniser

• Motivated by innovative, unique, creative ideas and excited by the future

• Tend to prefer building new relationships and experiences

• Communicate in a casual, expressive way

S Personality Types: Counsellor, Supporter, Planner, Stabiliser

• Motivated by peace, safety, and others’ well-being

• Tend to prefer security, reliability and trust

• Communicate in a friendly and genuine way

C Personality Types: Editor, Analyst, Sceptic, Questioner

• Motivated by logic, information, and problem solving

• Tend to prefer accurate information and quality solutions (quality over quantity)

• Communicate in a business-like, fact-based way

These differences are extremely important to understand when approaching a conversation with another person. For example, someone who is a warm, people-oriented Supporter (S) is less likely to engage in a discussion about facts and data. They’d usually prefer to engage in a more personal, get-to-know-you conversation. An Analyst (C), on the other hand, tends to enjoy learning more about specific,concrete information.

Once you know someone’s DISC type, you unlock a new understanding of why they behave in certain ways and how to best communicate with them. This can be relevant for sales, leadership, recruiting and more.


Our hyper-connected modern world has made the sales landscape noisy and the fight for

someone’s attention competitive. Prospects are now receiving more messages than ever, making

them much more selective on what sales messages they respond to. Often salespeople are left

confused and frustrated with their outreach. This causes many organisations and individuals to

use brute force and play the numbers game to start new conversations, which only makes the

problem worse, as they and their competitors pump prospects’ inboxes with a steady stream of

boilerplate pitches and meeting requests.

While the vast majority of sales organisations choose this high-volume, low-touch strategy, the

thriving minority knows that prospects respond most eagerly when they feel understood—they know

that the most important parts of human connection cannot be automated. By using personality

tools, like Crystal, to better understand prospects, you can have a significant advantage over the

competition in this critical area, and reach new customers more effectively.

Sales professionals use Crystal throughout the marketing and sales life-cycle.


While the rise of online communication, through sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and the like have

made it much easier to reach out to people, it also creates a major problem: supersaturation. In

order to effectively reach people through email, we need to break through the noise and clutter

of our prospects’ inboxes. We need to learn to communicate with someone in the way THEY want,

rather than addressing them in the way WE want. In order to do that, we need to understand

their personality.

Crystal’s Chrome Extension generates a predicted personality profile after analysing someone’s

LinkedIn page or CRM record in tools like Salesforce. This helps you better understand how your

prospects prefer to communicate and our Gmail plug in offers helpful suggestions for how to better format and phrase your emails to them. Whether you need to build personal rapport, request meeting times, negotiate, collaborate, or just make an effective sales pitch, you can start guessing less and sending emails with more confidence.


Though you may have pitched the same idea or presented a product hundreds of times, every prospect may perceive your presentation differently. When planning a call or meeting with a potential client it’s important to consider the three following questions:

• What do they want?

• Why do they want it?

• How do they want to interact?

It can be hard to know the right answers without really knowing the other person. To have a better understanding, you need to delve a little deeper into their personality.

Crystal’s Chrome Extension can also help in your demos by offering personality insights, while the Conversation Coach can help by giving suggestions that help you cater your pitch to each prospect.


For most people, fewer things create more anxiety than conversations about money. And while talking about finances can be stressful, sales professionals have these delicate conversations daily, so they need to become comfortable with them in order to succeed. In the same way that personality

impacts the way we think about making plans or working through conflict, it also affects how

we think about details like pricing. While some people are very direct and expect to talk through

financial details immediately, others are likely to be offended if you address money-related topics

too quickly.

By understanding personality and using Personality AI to improve your communication skills,

you can be prepared to better handle challenging cost conversations. Through the use of Crystal’s

Chrome Extension and Conversation Coach, you can learn how to easily navigate difficult pricing

conversations, even if you don’t know your potential client very well.



Despite the fact that you may have a great pitch and a wonderful product, you’ll likely still frequently encounter objections. People object for many different reasons: stress, scepticism, indecision; and sometimes, they may object simply to gain the upper-hand in a conversation. To overcome resistance like this, it’s important to be aware of why a specific prospect might be objecting. By having a better understanding of their personality and what their main concerns tend to be, with help from insights from the Crystal Chrome Extension, you can overcome and push past opposition.








Begin to integrate Crystal into your company by viewing personality insights for some of your current customers and showing them to the team. People will be amazed at how accurate

some of the insights are; certain past experiences may even begin to make more sense.

Try inviting your teammates and manager to sign up and complete the free personality assessment themselves. It’s quick and can help you better understand one another, as well. You can even practice some of the suggested phrases with one another.

You can also help show your team how to use Crystal by viewing the personality profile insights before an important meeting and using the suggestions to communicate more effectively, which will help others see it in action.


While you’re getting to know Crystal, there are a few ways you can introduce it into larger organisations and teams:

• Start with a small group on a monthly payment plan.

• Work your way up to more members and annual plans.

• Choose a pilot group of people who are having many

conversations with new prospects every day.


You can also measure your return on investment by reaching out to reps to find out how their confidence has improved and how frequently they use the personality insights and data before

their calls or meetings. Because Crystal is a part of an overall communication strategy, the results are best felt on the front lines of outreach. This can be done in a few easy ways:

• Try sending out the Crystal user survey, which can help you understand the impact it is having on the team.

• Test your emails’ and meetings’ effectiveness with and without Crystal’s help.

• Track the increase in responses to email outreach as well as next steps taken from calls.


Anyone who manages a team knows how challenging it can be to balance everyone’s unique

ways of thinking, working, and communicating; it can feel quite difficult to maintain an efficient,

connected work environment. Some managers respond to this difficulty by simply accepting that

the workplace will be uncomfortable or challenging, and they refuse to adapt their leadership

style to fit with others.

The best managers know that a team will work most effectively when people feel valued,

connected, and reasonably challenged. When leaders utilise tools like Personality AI and make

an effort to understand everyone’s unique strengths, manage the team’s blind spots, and resolve

conflict within working relationships, they can help everyone succeed.


As a leader or manager, Crystal gives you a powerful set of tools to build a healthy, productive team.


Every call, meeting, and discussion you encounter will be different and you won’t always have much time to prepare.

To help with this problem, you can use Crystal to get scenario-specific advice for communicating with your colleagues, clients, and potential customers. Whether you use Crystal’s personality assessment

to create a personality profile for someone or use the Chrome Extension to create a predicted profile, you have access to accurate suggestions for how best to communicate with them in any discussion. Crystal can help you resolve conflicts, collaborate on a project,brainstorm ideas, deliver difficult news,

and more. Rather than flying blind, it is like having an expert sitting next to you,telling you the best way to begin the conversation, frame your message, and call others to action.

Quick Tip

Crystal’s Conversation Coach

is also available in our Slack app 

for convenient personality

insights directly within Slack.



As a leader, it’s important to understand the different dynamics at play on your team. Each line

of communication between people is important for helping a team cooperate and run smoothly.

While you might not currently recognise all the intricacies of the team dynamic, Crystal can help

you understand the ways in which different people are likely to work together.

Within Crystal, you can create Relationship Reports to compare two personalities. These reports can reveal innate differences, predict potential communication problems, assess possible strengths, and provide each relationship with a fit score. And though relationships are tricky and complex, a Relationship Report can offer insights that help people understand and overcome potential issues—they give everyone a chance to resolve conflict before it causes frustration, which will help you

build a stronger, more cohesive team.


Ensuring positive individual relationships on a team isn’t the only important aspect of building

a high performing organisation; the dynamic of the overall group is also key. You can better

understand your own team by using a Group Report on Crystal. A Group Report is a tool that

offers insight into how each person fits into a group. This can be a department, project team or

combination of your employees and customers they frequently collaborate with.

Group Reports offer a personality breakdown of the group, team strengths and blindspots, as well

as an overall personality fit analysis. This will help you understand how to build diverse teams

and avoid potential blind spots and conflicts. Further, the reports shows how each person can

contribute and focus on their unique strengths within the broader group.


We understand trying a new product can be intimidating. Leaders expect any new product to be worthy of their company’s investment.

It’s important to see how Crystal’s tools will make a measurable, practical difference in your team’s daily work.

Start by having everyone complete the personality assessment for free. They can compare results, read each insight or suggestion, and offer their opinions on the product’s effectiveness.

You can then try using Group Reports, Relationship Reports, or the Chrome Extension on monthly subscriptions. This gives you a chance to see how impactful Crystal’s tools are for your company before committing to an annual purchase.


Crystal gives your team a language to discuss their personalities, strengths, blind spots, behaviours, and preferences. With the free platform, your team can understand the basics of each other’s

personalities very quickly, and start powerful conversations. Crystal’s premium features allow you to dive deeper as a leader, get specific advice for one-on-one meetings, build stronger teams, resolve

conflict, and more. You can gauge your ROI by:

• Monitoring employee engagement - it should improve as people are being communicated with in the way they prefer.

• Have several group sessions to review Crystal results and get feedback on how people are using the insights.

• As moral increases and communication becomes more effective, you should notice projects getting completed faster.

Crystal for








In an extremely competitive hiring market, the most successful

companies A) are strategic and methodical about pitching and

presenting themselves to top level talent, B) balance their gut

feelings with strong supporting data for hiring decisions, and

C) set up their new hires for success by providing them with all

of the information they need to integrate into their new role

quickly and thrive.

When you need to make recruiting decisions on tight deadlines,

these best practices can fall to the wayside in the name of

efficiency. Goals like preparing detailed candidate research and

personalizing candidate communication may sound like common

sense, but in the daily grind of professional recruiting, it can

be overwhelming or impossible with the existing tools at your


Luckily, Crystal helps recruiters accomplish all three of these

goals in a fast, turnkey way that fits with your existing tools and

processes. Crystal’s tools can help recruiters with candidate

outreach, assessing candidate-job fit, and new hire onboarding.


When reaching out to candidates, it’s important to make each call, email, or meeting matter. While

it’s easy to get trapped in generic language and communication, you’ll get the best results when you

communicate with candidates in the style they prefer. As we mentioned earlier, Crystal’s Chrome

Extension generates a predicted personality profile after analyzing someone’s LinkedIn page or

resume, which helps you quickly learn more about a candidates personality. You can also view

suggestions that will help you make a good impression on each person and land the candidate that’s

right for your position.



Crystal helps you quickly assess a candidate’s personality and offers advice on roles and

responsibilities that best suit them through a tool called the Role Report. It works like this:

Each stakeholder in the hiring decision completes a brief

questionnaire about their ideal expectations for the role.

Based on the stakeholder input, Crystal generates an

ideal personality type that most closely matches the

indicated personality traits for a role.

You can compare candidates against that ideal

personality type to see how they line up and where the

gaps might be in finding an ideal fit.


26This innovative hiring tool offers accurate insights for each unique position and work environment

to ensure you’re hiring based on expected role behaviors provided by the whole group, rather

than just on gut feeling. For more details read our in-depth post here on Role Reports.


When helping new hires adjust to their positions, it’s important

to understand the different relationships at play within a team,

otherwise, adjusting to the group may be difficult for them. Within

Crystal, you can create Relationship Reports to compare two

personalities, like that of the new hire and their co-worker(s) or

supervisor, and see which people are likely to work well together.

These reports offer tactical advice to improve communication,

collaborate, navigate change, understand strengths and manage blindspots. You can also utilize

Group Reports, which offer a personality breakdown of the group, team strengths and blindspots, as

well as an overall personality fit analysis, to better understand how the new hire will fit in overall.


Getting started with Crystal is easy, and there are many ways to ensure it

is a good fit for your team. You can always start with a small group and a

monthly payment plan, which will allow you to conduct your own trial run

and expand when you are confident Crystal is working well for your team.

This way, you can gradually work your way up to more members and an

annual plan. Just be sure to choose a pilot group of people who are having

conversations with new candidates every day, so you can clearly see the

impact it has.



Because Crystal has helped recruiters at three main points in the hiring

process, each aspect should be looked at individually when assessing its ROI.

Candidate outreach and communication:

Candidate outreach can be assessed by sending out the Crystal user survey to the team.

You are also likely to get honest feedback by having several group sessions to review

Crystal results and get qualitative responses on how people are using the insights.

Assessing candidate-job fit:

To understand your ROI in relation to assessing candidate-job fit, try using interview

questions offered by Crystal’s Role Report to see if you receive any interesting

insights or discussion from candidates. This also allows you to ask team members

who are experienced in a particular role to provide their input for that role.


New hire onboarding:

Measure new hire success by comparing data on how long candidates stayed with

your company before Crystal’s tools were used in the decision-making process and

the same data for a period after Crystal is implemented.

You can find more information about how Personality AI works for

Recruiters in our “How Recruiters Use Personality” ebook







Personality AI technology is incredibly impactful; there are many tools that can help improve your

day-to-day life, no matter what field or position you’re in. Crystal is easy to use and free to start

exploring. Try it out and see how it works for you and your organization.

We’re here to help with any questions you may have along the way.

Please reach out anytime at: hello@crystalknows.com


29The app that tells you

anyone’s personality








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