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Lockdown Entrepreneurs

First time founders only. 

Special introductory offer for Lock-down Startups in the UK*

Free Market Validation Report

Launching a new product or service is usually based upon logical assumptions. 

Its a better product/service

Its a cheaper product/service

No one else is doing this

My friends and family tell me its a brilliant idea.

All the above might well be true, but often they are simply assumptions and even if validated, do not necessarily create the foundation for a viable business. Only by structured mapping of the competitive landscape and intimately profiling the buyer behaviour of the target customers can you calculate whether your product or service is likely to be profitable, scale-able and your ambitions achievable with your available skills, funds and resources. 

Here at Pay Per Pulse we have worked with hundreds of B2B startups and we always perform market discovery research as the first stage of our engagement. We often run a basic market mapping exercise before deciding whether to engage or not, and if so, on what terms.

Over the years we have become pretty slick at target and competitive market research and have developed a number of tools and techniques that shave many hours off the time it would take a first time entrepreneur to perform the same research.

We also have the advantage of being dispassionately objective, free from the natural biases that can lead an entrepreneur who has fallen in love with their idea to only look for evidence that supports their assumptions. ( I know you are the exception, but believe me, you are in the minority :-) indeed it would be a concern to me if a founder wasn't star-struck by their concept ) 

So, here's the deal.

*If you have started, or are planning to launch a B2B company in the UK as a result of being furloughed or made redundant due to the Corona-virus pandemic,

please email:

with the subject line " Lockdown Entrepreneur " to claim your free, bespoke  market validation report.

Naturally we hope you will end up working with us as your company grows, but there is absolutely no obligation to do so by accepting this offer.

07801 684249.

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