Very few people outside of recruitment appreciate just how much groundwork is involved in identifying candidates before first contact, but this is nothing compared to your time investment to interview and fully qualify them for submission to your client.

Personality Profiling of Recruitment Prospects

Directly from their Linkedin Page ! 

Effective candidate vetting is what drives your agency's reputation

Efficient candidate vetting is what drives your agency's profitability

What if Artificial Intelligence could analyse someone's personality type automatically, directly in LinkedIn ?

Wouldn't that be both effective and efficient ?

LinkedIn tells you an awful lot about a prospect's job history and how they want the world to see them, but hidden in their written expression lie clues to who they actually are and whether they have the right personality fit for the role you are recruiting for.

We are not suggesting you would recommend a candidate solely on the strength of machine intelligence, but you can certainly shorten the list that you personally interview down to the ones most likely to get the job. 

For more information on how to get this tool for your agency, along with a free report on what your own LinkedIn profile says about you, please fill in the form below. ( for Sceptic personality types click here for an example report - note it opens in a new tab )

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